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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lose Weight, FIND Happiness!

Everyone knows that diets don't work. Everyone knows that if we ate only for true bodily hunger, we probably wouldn't be overweight. Everyone knows that it is mind-driven hungers that lead us to overeat. I knew all of this for twenty years, as I lived on the rollercoaster of weight gain and loss. But after reading THE MIDDLE WAY DIET FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS: HEALTHY MIND AND BODY, I finally got off the rollercoaster. Because Dr. Moshedi provides not only the knowledge you need to understand how to eat well, but the inspiration to actually do it. Dr. Moshedi's insights into the basis of our troubled connections between mind and body triggered a change in my basic outlook to food. His motivating book was a wake-up call for the wisdom that was already in me, the wisdom Dr. Moshedi explains is already in every one of us—to put food in its proper place in our lives, so that we can eat to live instead of living to eat. And the best (and most surprising) part, the part that everyone *doesn't* know, is the real and lasting pleasure that you get from taking good care of your body. Dr. Moshedi's book opened my eyes to the truth of the discomfort and unhappiness involved in overeating, a truth that we tend to disregard because we have bought into the illusory and momentary pleasure that comes from indulging. Much more than a health & fitness book to help you live longer, THE MIDDLE WAY DIET FOR HEALTH AND FITNESS is ultimately a thought-provoking guide to help you truly enjoy your life--today.

Sheila Pinion From Bethesda, MD USA